Want To Experience Kitsilano Living At Its Finest?

Want to experience Kitsilano living at its finest?

A mesmerizing north-east facing penthouse in a neighborhood that runs along the shore of the English Bay at award winning Savona is now available for the first time in twelve years. Distinguished by luxurious amenities, top of the game fittings and appliances along with much more, this jaw dropping property rightly claims its status as an entertainer's dream. With an open living room- kitchen style and the premium outdoor living area to host memorable dinner parties, this is probably the most exciting of the 2-bedroom homes that come to market in this area. The natural light soaring above the mountains, entering through large windows, fall upon the extensive list of impressive features spreading across the over-height  ceiling, paints a picture of pure ultra-spacious class.

Located in the Richmond area, the property experiences a dynamic and ethnically diverse growth as Fraser River rendezvous with the Pacific Ocean here. It is the perfect place to enjoy life in Canada without having to deal with the extreme weather. Unlike the rest of the country, this area experiences little snow and lesser rainfall.

The unique mix of residential and commercial property, agricultural lands, industrial parks, waterways and natural areas along with modern recreational facilities and programs ensure a healthy active community. The same can be witnessed if you look north from The Burrard Bridge. You’ll have a glimpse of a large waterfront green-space known as Vanier Park that emerges to promise overwhelming excitement. This spot is home to some of Vancouver’s best family-friendly attractionsincluding the Museum of Vancouver, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. It also is the base for inculcating serene culture in the lives of all the locals and visitors with the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare festival from June to September each year. A little further along the waterfront, you’ll hit Kitsilano Beach, the place to be during summers. Complete with volleyball tournaments filled with the exuberance of competition, picnicking families strengthening their bonds, lots of the beautiful people on parade, and the mammoth Kitsilano Pool – an outdoor saltwater public pool right by the beach offering a stunning view and a unique joy, it is Kitsilano’s own version of paradise.  A number of community festivals over the course of the summer including Greek Days on West Broadway, and the Khatsahlano Festival centered on West 4th Avenue are also organized by the local community.

Along with the beach itself, Kitsilano Beach Park contains the Kitsilano Showboat. The Kitsilano Showboat, operating since 1935, is one of its kind open-air amphitheater that operates under the natural breeze with the ocean and mountains as a backdrop. It is a unique platform that offers an opportunity to all the amateur talent who indulge the audience in their view of the world through their art.  All summer long, the showboat hosts free performances from local bands, dance groups, and other artists. Its main goal is to entertain residents and tourists and providing amateur talent with a chance at recognition. It is located on the south side of the Kitsilano Pool along Cornwall Avenue. Shows typically start at 7:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays filling the air with creative inspiration and a night like no other.

Stanley Park Seawall

With abundant greenery, Kitsilano has organized itself in an efficient resident friendly infrastructure with 17 parks where you can spend your leisure time enjoying the city's beauty and the rejuvenating freshness offered by the climate. What's more? Six playgrounds to hone your sporting skills and an off-leash dog park that captures the true spirit of every dog lover and the love for their one true friend, add to the advantages of moving to “Kits”.

The Vancouver Lawn Tennis Club in Granville Park became a trendy club for the local elite, hosting an annual Championship which attracted some nationally successful Canadian players.

True to its hippy roots, Kitsilano is home to one of the city’s oldest vegetarian restaurantsThe Naam. Open 24-hours a day, the restaurant’s yam fries with miso gravy have inspired many a late-night stop after a night out on the town. You’ll also find plenty of other healthy, organic and farm-to-table options. Down by the water, along the foot of Yew Street and along Cornwall, are lots of casual, neighborhood bars and restaurants, many of which do a great job with seafood, along with wines and cocktails to match. West Broadway is where a lot of Vancouver’s Greek immigrants originally settled, and you won’t go wrong choosing something inspired by the Mediterranean in that part of the neighborhood. Along West 4th, expect more polished dining, but still with lots of multicultural flavor.

Excelling at lifestyle shopping, it is the birthplace for the yoga brand, Lululemon Athletic that has a store West 4th (right opposite the original upstairs location) to browse the company’s range of high-end yoga and active-wear. Along the same stretch, you’ll find a number of outdoor apparel companies, fashion boutiques, cafes, beauty and skincare stores, and spas that make for a great afternoon of perusing.

Full of young people and families, this property offers a unique standard of living wherein, community and class confluence towards the best of everything just for you.

Are you already gearing up to become a part of this community? The essence of the entire community lies in its people and you could just become one of them very soon.

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