Tips to Clean Your Kitchen!

Whether you are a bachelor, running a household or just a Cleanliness Freak, we have some of the best tips to clean kitchen

You don’t need to worry about that coffee stain or Google about how to clean kitchen microwave because we have you covered!

1. Clean a Cast-Iron Pan
Often due to slow cooking, Cast-Iron Pans are very hard to clean afterward, but only a PRO Cleaner knows that soap or liquid detergent shouldn’t be used.
Instead, the perfect solution to clean any pan is to first use salt and scrub it with some paper towels, post which you could use some oil to bring back the shine on it’s coating.

2. Cheese Grater
Many a time, while making pasta, grating cheese may just become optional, because of its cleaning dis-advantage. But, there is a simple fix to the same, just keep a pastry brush handy which can be used to scrape off any excess cheese, and another scrub with some liquid soap will help it keep clean.

3. Coffee Stains
One of the most sticky situations in any kitchen is the coffee stain which can be on any counter or coffee table, and can be easily cleaned with using a solution of equal part salt and vinegar.

4. Microwave Cleaning
Another PRO tip to clean the microwave is to put in some wet towels inside the appliance, and then once you switch it on, the water evaporates leading to the grime and dust to loosen up and melt which can then be easily cleaned using a wet cloth dipped in liquid detergent.

5. Garbage Disposal
We are sure you usually don’t even bother with the garbage disposal bin, and just give it a cleanse with water. But, think again, the bin holds bacteria and fungus, which can infect the surroundings, especially the kitchen, and it’s components.
The best solution is to grind ice-cubes made up of equal part vinegar and water so as to disinfect the bin and keep it disease free!

We hope you will use these kitchen cleaning tips and treat them as the Holy Grail when you next are worried about a clean kitchen!

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