Q: 7 Things To Know Sellers Before Selling A House Due To A Divorce

If you’re selling your home due to a divorce, don’t do anything before watching this video.

Today, I’ll cover the seven things that you need to know before selling your home due to a divorce. But, before you start the proceedings or rush into any decisions you’ll later regret, please ensure that you’ve exhausted all the options of coming together with your partner. If you have gone through all the options and can’t find a way to make it work, here are a few tips that could help you save thousands of dollars:

  1. Ensure that the other party is on board. This isn’t necessarily fun, but if both parties know that they’re going to be amicable with each other, they’ll usually end up with more money.

  2. Iron out how much each party will get from the sale. This usually requires dealing with a lawyer, so contact an attorney for legal advice on this matter.

  3. Work with an agent who is experienced with divorce. Some agents make it seem as though they’re the ones going through a divorce, but that’s not the right approach. Your agent should know how to deal with highly emotional situations.

  4. Keep your emotions in check. Keep in mind that the divorce has to happen; focus on the sale, not on getting back at your spouse.

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  1. Don’t give visitors to your home any indication of your divorce. Play your cards close to your chest; you don’t want to give people an inch such that they know why you’re selling.

  2. Talk to a mortgage broker. Many people neglect this step, and they eventually have to rush to buy something after the sale is completed.

  3. Focus on the positives. This is a tough time in your life, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Keep in mind what will happen in the next chapter of your life.

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