Networking Done The Right Way!


As a real estate agent, networking is extremely important as it’s an integral part for you to grow the business and have satisfied clients who will spread the word forward because as they say, word of mouth is the most effective and most pocket friendly publicity!

A lot of times, it so happens that networking is often misunderstood with “Socializing” because we tend to not understand the fine line between trying to impress the other one with trying to build a relationship.

Though everybody has different styles, there are some tips each one of us can follow to build a long-lasting relationship.

1. Maintain Eye-Contact

An extremely important tip, maintaining eye contact showcases confidence and respect that goes a long way in building trust at the very first instant.

2. Clothing – Formal Vs. Informal

It may seem like at the turn of this century, what you dress does not describe your personality, but it’s always advised to dress appropriately according to the situation. For example, if it’s a mixer then casual clothes will do, but if it’s a conference, suit up!

3. Always be Aware.

When immersed in a conversation with someone, always remind yourself to check if you are talking too much about yourself or your business or if you are not taking the conversation in the right direction.
It’s always advisable to set the tone of the conversation from the beginning so you are well aware of what you are getting into and don’t try to flaunt information that is not supported by facts.

4. Contact Information

Be sure to leave your contact information, especially by the end of the conversation so as to let the other one know expressively well how to get in touch with you, especially if you can exchange business cards or numbers.

So, these are the top 4 tips from our side on How To Get Networking Right!
We hope you will inculcate these tips into your conversations and have successful networking opportunities!

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