Abbotsford Community Guide

Abbotsford Community Guide

Dubbed the Raspberry Capital of Canada, the city of Abbotsford is the fifth largest city in the province and home to 135,000 residents. If you’re looking to buy a house in BC, and one from where you can experience panoramic views of the magical mountain ranges, Abbotsford BC houses for sale are much to be desired. Abbotsford appeals to BC home buyers and property investors for several reasons, most notably that this beautiful city provides reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Homes for sale in Abbotsford are available in several configurations from lofts, condos, apartments to townhouses and multi-million dollar properties.

Transportation and Education

The city of Abbotsford is well connected to rail, road and air services, where most of the bus services are governed by the Central Fraser Valley Transport System.

With regards to air services, the Abbotsford International Airport not only hosts the Abbotsford International Airshow, but serves as a landing hub for WestJet. One of the fastest growing airports in Western Canada, the Abbotsford Airport is located within short distance to a few Vancouver suburbs, making it easy to travel even if you buy a house in Vancouver.

The education system in Abbotsford is governed by the Abbotsford School district, which has 46 elementary, middle and secondary schools under its jurisdiction.

This list also includes the Abbotsford Virtual School – a recognized virtual school that allows students to enroll in over 30 online courses. Adding to this, the Abbotsford Virtual School offers a few unique and modeling programs that are designed for various aspects of the video gaming industry.

Abbotsford is also home to a few private schools including the Dasmesh Punjabi School, Abbotsford Christian School and Mennonite Educational Institute.

Recreation in Abbotsford BC

Regardless of the indoor or outdoor activity you’d like to indulge in, you are bound to find something of interest in Abbotsford. The city has something in store for young and old and in the city and countryside from championship golf courses, urban trails and parks to agri-tourism and a plethora of festivals and events.

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Some of the festivals and events held in the city include the Abbotsford Agrifair and Rodeo, Abbotsford Centre, Abbotsford International Airshow and Abbotsford Multicultural Festival. In terms of parks and urban trails, the choices include the Albert Duck Trail, Delair Park, Ellwood Park, Fishtrap Creek, Willband Creek Trail, Mill Lake Loop Trail and McKay Creek Dyke Trail.

Abbotsford BC Neighborhoods

Property buyers in Abbotsford are offered an unmatched opportunity to choose from 18 amazing neighborhoods. These include Abbotsford Centre, Aberdeen, East Townline, Fairfield, McMillan, Old Clayburn, South Poplar, Mill Lake, Sumas Prarie, West Clearbrook, West Townline and Whatcom.

Abbotsford Centre – nestled in the east central urban core of Abbotsford, the Abbotsford Centre neighborhood is dubbed the historic downtown and is an important part of the city’s history. Houses for sale in Abbotsford BC Centre are available in several configurations, and residents of this neighborhood enjoy convenient access to several parks and schools.

Aberdeen – tucked away in the corner of Abbotsford, Aberdeen is home to families and residents between 40 – 50 years. Most of the land in this neighborhood is used for agricultural production, but there are also new homes for sale and many residential developments underway.

Old Clayburn – Located in the eastern slice of the city, Old Clayburn is home to several schools and parks and mostly single-family houses. Some of the landmarks in Old Clayburn include Clayburn Village, Willband Creek Park and MarketPlace IGA.

Abbotsford BC literally offers all the necessary amenities and services at your doorstep, so if you’re looking to buy a house in BC that you will cherish forever, this wonderful city should not be overlooked.

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