9 Possible Reasons Why Your House Isn't Selling

So, you have put up a home for sale. It’s been a couple of months but still, your house is not selling or you haven’t gotten any positive leads.

Heck, you haven’t even gotten calls barring a few creepy ones.

You are worried and confused as to why isn't my house selling. Well, fear not. It is not because the entire universe is against you, it may just be one of the following factors.

 1. High Asking Price

It is difficult to correctly price your house. It is your house that you built and made it a home. But, just because you think it’s worth a certain amount it doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same.

So, what is the worth of your house

It is the price that someone is willing to pay. Every house can be sold in seconds if it is priced right. It is difficult to lower the asking price, but it is much better than waiting for months and not being able to have the cash in hand.

 2. Aesthetic Appeal

Just as an experiment, walk out of your home right this instant.

Are you there? Great.

Now, with a third-person mindset, observe your home. The lawn, the hedges, paint and so on. Does it need some re-touching? Does it look inviting? Do you feel like going in?

Look around the neighbourhood, take a closer look at the houses you love and have sold recently. What have they done differently? Why does it look more appealing?

You need to be able to work on the aesthetic appeal of your home such that it not only looks good in person but also in photos. Potential customers will judge your home on the basis of first impressions which are extremely vital.

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 3. Clutter?

When potential customers come knocking, it is important to have a home that is not only beautiful from the outside but also from the inside. Try to get rid of as much as you can. Keep it simple and aesthetically simple. This allows for the buyer to be able to visualise how they would design their future home.

Just open up the place and let the light flow in. You don’t want your clutter to be the reason for not having closed the sale!

4. A messy house?

Take a hard look at yourself and be honest,

Is your home clean? Really?

Are the shelves absolutely shiny? Are the corners and the bathrooms clean?

Is there laundry visible anywhere?

It can be very hard to keep up with your household chores and maybe too much when it’s your own home. But, when you want to sell your home, you need to do go that extra mile.

Your house may be awesome but if it’s in any way a mess then a potential buyer won’t see the awesomeness, they will see the dirty toilet and be skeeved.

If you have to hire a cleaning service, then go for it. Those extra bucks spent will come back to you and be rewarding in every sense of the term.

 5. You linger!

More often than not, sellers will hang around while a potential buyer is scoping the property. The seller will try to tell them about everything that is brilliant about the home and answer any kind of questions.

Though you may think it’s a nice gesture, it’s not.

In fact, it works against you. This is precisely why you have a real estate agent.

By following the buyer everywhere, you are making the buyer nervous and maybe really annoyed. The buyer cannot voice what he/she feels to the agent and has to be cordial. You may also end up looking too eager and that may put off the buyer. Or you might accidentally let out a piece of information that sours the buyer on the house!

Provide the space for people to voice their opinions, it will work out in your favour.

 6. Your Real Estate Agent is not so great

It is often one of the main reasons why your house not selling.

You go through a lot of research to hire the perfect real estate who would bust their backs trying to get your home sold. They are getting a commission, right?

Well, not so much.

Not every agent will work equally hard and will favour one client over the other. The agents may even make you sign different forms which is favourable to only them.

To be wary of this, ensure to always stay in touch. Keep asking for updates and never take no for an answer. Be in touch with their bosses if you aren’t satisfied. But, more than anything, ensure that the agent knows what he/she is talking about. Do the due diligence for the best experience. Let the agent work for you.

(Pssst. The perfect agent should be telling you everything in this article.)

 7. Lies!

It is a taken that the description and details of most homes will be a little over exaggerated and take some liberties. But, some listings do lie quite a bit. Don’t call your home to be in pristine condition when it’s far from it.

If there is some serious renovation to be done, then say it out.

Here’s the deal, all houses have their warts, and we all want our house to sell.  But, when you lie in your description it ticks off the potential buyer.

You lose all the trust all at once. When a buyer feels cheated, be rest assured that word will get around. And you will never be able to sell to a quality buyer.

Some outright lies include the number of bedrooms, storage facilities, society obligations etc.

 8. The renovations are still going on

If your home is undergoing some serious repair work or even if it minor, it is not a good time to put your home on the market. It does not give potential buyers the best impression. The home seems incomplete and the gory construction equipment is a major put off. Also, if you are the one doing the work then that’s really bad.  A buyer wants to know any work is professionally done and up to code.

Get them done beforehand and always do it so with proper documentation.

 9. You have eccentric tastes

Each individual is unique, and each one has his/her own tastes. There is nothing wrong with that. But, that is until you have to sell your home.

If you are somebody who paints your home black and love it, trust me, it will be difficult to sell the home to a bigger audience. The buyers will judge and think of it as a major renovation gig and often take a pass.

Hence, it is important to understand what the potential buyer will click to see and design accordingly.


That’s quite a list. Isn’t it?

Well, when you want to sell your home and that too, quick, you need to take some steps which are headed in that direction. The home for any potential buyer should be one in which he/she can imagine a future life and memories yet to be made.

So, try to create that for them. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and imagine what you would want to see when you go house hunting and do exactly that. Selling your home is not easy and you need to put in that hard work if you want to see the dough.

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