20 Unique Home Gifts for Every Person on Your List

The holidays seem to sneak up on us every year, bringing the dreaded last-minute gift of anxiety with them. Even when it comes to people you’ve known for many years, finding a gift that strikes all the right notes can be challenging.

But don’t be alarmed! We’ve compiled a list of gifts for each person to whom you have to give gifts.  

Yet, because we work in real estate, the gifts are all centered on home life. These gifts are perfect for bringing beauty, functionality, or a touch of frivolity to your loved one’s home this shopping season.

Those Who Are Constantly in the Kitchen

We all know somebody whose favorite spot is their kitchen, but finding the perfect gift can be difficult once the essentials are taken care of. No matter how well equipped the chef, baker, or food enthusiast on your list is, these gifts will delight them.

1.   The Coffee Connoisseur

CHEMEX CFCM-6A Coffeemaker - $73

Have a coffee enthusiast on your list who can’t seem to get their fix at home? This fancy coffee system with enabled pour-over technology offers a smooth concoction that can be cooled and reheated, ensuring that your recipient has the best cup of Joe.

2.   The Foodie

Back to the Roots Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit - $63

Your favorite gourmet chef can grow incredible mushrooms in their pantry and prepare lunches and dinners with this grow kit. They only have to soak the mushrooms in water for a couple of days to get delightful, sustainably grown mushrooms!

3.   The Pâtissier

Vintage Cake Stand - $101

Giving a gift representing the sugar rush they give to others is a fantastic way to treat the home baker you want to gift something to. This delightful glass cake stand provides the perfect backdrop for a tastefully decorated dessert.

4.   The Tea Fanatic

Flowering Tea Set - $35

Your favorite tea connoisseur may have tried every herbal blend available, but we bet they’ve never seen a brew maker quite like this.

The Flowering tea set includes two hand-sewn tealeaves “blossoms” that sprout when placed in the enclosed glass teapot and filled with hot water.

For Those Who Have Green Thumbs

Time spent outside is the most significant source of reinvigoration for quite a few of us. These gifts for the wildlife lover on your list will help them keep the joy of reconnecting with nature alive.

5.   The Horticulturist

Picnic Time Garden Tote - $66

All gardeners need a large, durable bag to transport their tools, and the Picnic Time Garden Tote may be just the thing they need. This garden tote is appealing and durable, and it will assist your garden-loving friend in maintaining the curb appeal of their home.

6.   The Flower Lover

Heart & Thorn Subscriptions - Starting at $60/month

If your loved one is always looking to breathe in the intoxicating fragrance of a shipment of flowers, then get ready to mesmerize them with this floral gift. You can give your friend a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly subscription and have the smile on their face bloom all year.

7.   The Environmental Activist

Eco-Friendly Stainless-Steel Straws - $14

Do you know someone attempting to reduce their use of plastic in their home? Then you’re in luck! With this gift, they’ll never have to buy plastic straws ever again!

8.   The Outdoor Enthusiast

PV Phone Charger - $50

Do you have an explorer on your shopping list? This photovoltaic phone charger is a must-have for everyone who loves to travel! It will also be an excellent addition to their emergency preparedness kit.

Those with a “Work, Work, Work” Mantra

No matter if we like it or not, we all spend a significant portion of our lives working — whether we spend that time raising our kids or achieving milestones at work. These gifts are meant to make your life a little easier.

9.   The Independent Worker

LapGear Home Office - $45

Working from home has its advantages, including working from your bed. This lap office with a mouse pad and mobile slot will delight the remote employee on your list, allowing them to work conveniently from the couch or bed without worrying about damaging their computer.

10.         The One Who’s Going Back to Their Office

Bento Lunch Box - $35

Just because your friend is returning to work does not mean they must abandon their habit of eating homecooked food. Gift them this chic lunch box filled with healthy foods, so they can enjoy their meals on the go.

11.         The DIY Enthusiast

Laser Measure - $35

The handy craftsman on your list can bid farewell to fiddly measuring instruments with this handy machine. It’s ideal for any size DIY project.

12.         The Germaphobe

UV Sanitizer and Charger - $70

We’ve become a little germophobic during the pandemic (and rightfully so!). And not many surfaces are as dirty as our mobile phone screens — a hotbed of germs that are ready to wreak havoc on our bodies at a moment’s notice.

But the UV Sanitizer and Charger is there for the rescue. While charging, this UV mobile phone sanitizer eradicates germs. Furthermore, its ingenious design allows you to hear your phone alerts while using the device.

For Those Who Are Very Zealous About Their Pastimes

Of course, lives are about much more than work. We have you covered if you’re looking for a gift for a friend or relative who gets excited about their leisure pursuits.

13.         The Sports Fanatic

Hockey Stick BBQ Set - $61

Are you trying to find a unique gift for the sports fan in your life that isn’t a jersey? These upcycled hockey stick BBQ tools are a fantastic choice. They’re perfect for preparing food while watching the game!

14.         The Bookworm

The Book Lover’s Journal - $19

Do you know anyone who enjoys ducking under the covers, turning on a flashlight, and devouring a good book? This gift will help the bookworm on your list keep count of what they’ve read and what they still want to read.

15.         The Sprinter

Marathon Map Hydration Bottle - $49

A water bottle marked with their preferred race route helps the runner you care about stay hydrated (and motivated). It’s ideal for neighborhood runs or simply carrying around the house.

16.         The Tourist

Travel Backpack - $120

Allow the traveler on your list to bring something for everyone on their way back home. This compact backpack folds flat for easy storage but is strong enough to transport new finds home.

For Those Who Prioritize Family

The most rewarding aspect of life is our relationship with our family for many of us. With these unique gifts, you can help your receiver enhance and celebrate their relationships.

17.         The New Parent

4-in-1 Baby Food Maker - $230

It’s challenging to know what to get new parents after their registry has been exhausted, but this gear is necessary if they want to make baby food at home. It streamlines the entire process, from boiling to mixing, making the lives of new parents so much easier!

18.         The Genealogy Enthusiast

DNA Kit - $129

Do you know someone who wants to reconnect with their homeland? This DNA kit can assist them in tracing their roots and learning about their family history.

19.         The Pet Owner

Tailored Printed Socks - $28

Is your friend’s pet a favorite member of their family? As they snuggle and watch a movie with their dog, these adorable socks will bring a smile to their face.

20.         The Documentary Filmmaker

Mini Link Printer - $130

Every family gathering has that one relative who takes hundreds of photos. With a one-of-a-kind gadget that turns a smartphone into a Polaroid camera, you can help them capture every precious moment.

The Mini Link Printer allows you to easily modify and print photos to hang around the house or keep in a scrapbook for succeeding generations.

Are You Ready to Give Yourself the Best Gift Ever?

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