Selling Your Vancouver Home?



Selling your home can be a scary experience. On one hand, you have your most valuable asset, your home. On the other hand, you are now dealing with a person who you may know or not who wants to help you sell your home.

Most home sellers find the experience exhausting and typically feel like they need a vacation after selling their home. The truth is, selling your home doesn't have to be a stressful experience if you choose the right agent to represent you.

This is How We're Different:

1. We Price your Home Correctly:  

If the price is not right, it's not going to sell.  We'll tell you the truth, not just the price you want to hear so we can get your listing.

2. We Market your Home Aggressively:  

We invest a lot of time, money and effort to ensure that your home gets maximum exposure both offline and on. If your home is has the ultimate exposure, then selling it and getting the best price for it will be easy.

3. We Ensure it Shows Well:  

One of the major reasons why a home doesn't sell is because of how well it shows.


Where Most Agents Fail:

The biggest complaint we hear from home buyers about other agents is poor communication.  

How We Solve this Challenge:

  1. We maintain an active database that we input all of our communication with potential buyers for your home. We record their comments, and their agents' comments as well so you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether to take an offer or to reduce your price.

  2. We schedule a weekly follow up call with you every Monday. If we don't call you and report you on what happened in the past week, we'll pay you for every week that we didn't call. This is done through a reduction in the commissions paid to you at closing.

  3. You can call my staff any time and ask them on how many people came through your open house, placed a showing request, and how many inquiries were made on your property via our web sites. This is all recorded in our database.